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Protect Our Water!

In-Depth Explanation (pdf)

Aquifer Science, a partnership between Campbell Ranch and Vidler Water Company, is applying to the Office of the State Engineer (OSE) for a permit to pump 1500 acre feet of water from the Sandia Basin each year. They applied to drill 4 deep wells on Campbell Ranch, across North 14 from Paako, north of Frost Road. 1500 acre-feet is enough water for a city the size of Raton.

This application is a serious threat to our water.  With the aquifer already declining, and many lots approved, but not yet developed, the Deep Well protest Group was formed to make sure that the question “Can the aquifer support both current water users AND 1500 acre-feet/yr of new water for Aquifer Science?” is fairly considered by OSE. 

The Deep Well Protest Group is a local, grassroots organization challenging the Aquifer Science application. The North 14 Forum, a community non-profit 501(c)3, is acting as the fiscal sponsor and helping with the bookkeeping.