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Deep Well Protest Group
PO Box 311
Sandia Park, NM 87047 

The Deep Well Protest group is a local, grassroots organization which formed for the express purpose of challenging the Aquifer Science application to drill deep wells and draw 1500 acre feet of water per year (AFY). (That has since been adjusted to ‘up to 1010 AFY').

The wells would be on Campbell Farming Corporation land along the east side of N14 roughly opposite Paa-Ko.

The Deep Well Protest Group is largely made up of homeowners in Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, San Pedro Creek, and Sandia Knolls (and with the back-office help of The North 14 Forum, a community non-profit 501(c)(3). )
The working core of the Deep Well Protest is about 7 East Mountain residents who have stepped up to organize this effort and take an active role. If you wish to speak to someone in the group, just email us at deepwellprotest@gmail.com and we will arrange for a contact.

We are dedicated to protecting the water we all depend on.